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A pull out desk with storage drawer, in-built cupboards, bedside storage shelves, and an adventurous mid-sleeper height bed - the Kurt Acacia Mid Sleeper is the bed every child wishes for! With its light wooden finish and stylish design, the Kurt Mid Sleeper is aesthetically perfect for fitting into a variety of decor designs, and it’s amazing amount of storage makes this bed a dream for those with smaller bedrooms and/or a lot of clutter!


The light colour of the wood gives a contemporary feel to the bed’s design; the straight-edged, clean design of the bed is complemented by the slight curves of the overall structure, making this bed a versatile piece of furniture which feels at home amongst both traditional and modern decor (good news if your little one likes to experiment with their bedroom design!).

W: 1290mm
L: 2120mm
H: 1320mm

Kurt Acacia Midsleeper

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