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The Parisot Smoozy High Sleeper provides a fun and vibrant sleeping solution for your child's bedroom, perfect for older children. It's timeless, classic design makes it suitable for a wide range of different décor themes and it provides plenty of utilities built into it's innovative design - making it a handy space saving solution as well as a stylish choice.


It's been constructed from high density particleboard that makes for a robust and sturdy structure that adds durability and longevity to the bedframe, as well as helping to keep the high sleeper feeling stable and steady throughout use, minimizing motion disturbance throughout the night.


It's been finished in a smart white colour with reversible pink and blue trim finishing, making it suitable for gender specific bedrooms and creating a clean, contemporary yet classic feel that compliments any colour scheme and brightens up any space. This high sleeper comes with many practical uses, such as a built in shelving unit for toys, books and more behind the sturdy, secure steps to the sleeping surface and a built in, spacious desk for your child to work and play.


Width: 108cm
Length: 206cm
Height: 180cm

Smoozy High Sleeper

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